Mountain Man

deardiary, so i'm not a mountain man but i do like to be in the mountains mannnn!!! It's turning fall and theres no better place to be!! For me life is about seeing as much as possible and spending time with the ones that make you smile and that you make laugh. Aspen is where i'm at and it's allowed me to write, create and unwind after a busy summer. Taking time for yourself is important, no matter how you do so. Whether it be through dressing fabulous or getting fresh in the great outdoors, YOU time is super important. I'm not suggesting to quit going full speed into fun... that would be so not me but I am saying take time for yourself when you can. Better yet make time!! xx

Style Details

love on top// floral gown Saint Laurent, leopard bomber Givenchy

rock bottom// jacket Balmain, crop top Alexander Wang, boots Dior, frames Givenchy

Shoot Details

photographer Jenn Senn, makeup Elayna Bachman