@deardiary: i dress for the climate, my surroundings, but most of all for my own visual satisfaction. i always have, and i always will. hailing from Canada, i have since lived in Miami, New York and most recently have settled down in Aspen. it is the diversity in these cities that brings me great inspiration to continue being me! fashion may be influenced by an individual's immediate surroundings but those should not limit one's style and swag!! @deardiary we believe in expressing your mood through any medium you feel like. fashion, art and honesty at all levels in all corners of the world. 

Aspen is not just a winter destination filled with boundless skiing and après skiing. it's a whole lot more. the first secret of Aspen is its summers, it's perfect weather summer days!  then there's the art, music, culture, shopping, dining, nightlife,  

specifically in regards to fashion... my  guilty pleasure!! Aspen tastefully showcases an abundance of fashion houses including DIOR, GUCCI, DOLCE and PRADA. having easy access to these brands and numerous well curated local boutiques, not only inspires but continues to enrich my visual journey. whether I'm in the middle of the Rocky Mountians or in the concrete jungle of New York, I know one thing is for sure, fashion is everywhere. xx #expressyourself

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Style Details

prowling around // jacket Prada, belt Gucci, pants Frame denim, necklace Jennifer Meyer

Shoot Details

photographer Jenn Senn, makeup Elayna Bachman